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Stuff that’s just annoying

Linux and that Silly Time Zone Thing

I hate the biannual time change. Okay, I had to get that out of the way. Anyway. The magic that controls what your local wallclock time (assuming your system clock is on UTC) resides in a compiled ruleset which is described by /etc/localtime. On a Debian system this a symlink to the actual timezone file, [...]

Yay for blog spam

Now that I am getting my share of comment spam, I’ve installed one of the two dozen different plugins for WP to help deal with the problem. I finally decided on Elliott Back’s WP plugin that uses obfuscated JavaScript functions to decode and deliver a hash that’s then verified server side for authenticity. It seems [...]

Aliens Director’s Cut Owns

I had the opportunity last night to watch the original theatrical release of Aliens. Ouch. It’s not nearly as good as the director’s cut. The original effectively neutralized some of the tension by omitting several scenes which I found valuable when included. For those who haven’t seen the director’s cut, I found four key scenes [...]

Domino’s in Gainesville, employee mass exodus

Something strange has happened at the Domino’s on 13th street since July. When I was there last week, orders were backed up. Drivers walked in the delivery expert door without a word. Pizzas were taking longer to emerge. I didn’t recognize nearly anyone there. What happened? Almost by accident, as I rarely visit Papa Johns, [...]