Configuring Exim4 and Courier IMAP under Debian GNU/Linux

Jason Boxman

Revision History
Revision 1.12006-05-02Revised by: jab
Added new section on configuring TLS on Exim4 as a server and client MTA
Revision 1.022005-03-14Revised by: jab
Correction for maildirmake availability and Thunderbird 0.8
Revision 1.012005-01-13Revised by: jab
Updated section on configuring Exim4 to use Maildir style for delivery
Revision 1.02005-01-09Revised by: jab
Added information on preventing unencrypted connections and using an IMAP proxy
Revision 0.72004-10-06Revised by: jab
Updated information on configuring mail clients to speak IMAP and use encryption
Revision 0.52004-09-29Revised by: jab
Added information on installing and configuring Courier IMAP
Revision 0.42004-09-22Revised by: jab
Updated information on using .forward with Exim4 filtering
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Added information on configuring mail notification and configuration testing
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An in-depth discussion of configuring Exim4, Courier IMAP, and mail clients to all work together to avail the reader of server side mail storage.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Intended Audience
1.2. Copyright and License
1.3. Disclaimer
1.4. Feedback
1.5. New Versions of this Document
2. Installing and Configuring Exim4
2.1. Installing and Configuring Exim4 Packages
2.2. Converting Your Exim3 Configuration for Exim4
2.3. Configuring Exim4 for Maildir Delivery
2.4. Testing your new Exim4 configuration
2.5. Configuring New Mail Notification
2.6. Configuring Exim4 dot forward Filtering
3. Configuring TLS and Authentication
3.1. Using TLS and Authentication Tokens on the Server
3.2. Connecting to a smarthost over TLS with Authentication
4. Installing and Configuring Courier IMAP
4.1. Installing Courier IMAP Packages
4.2. Configuring Courier IMAP
4.3. Testing your Courier IMAP setup
4.4. Creating an X.509 Certificate for TLS Connections
4.5. Preventing Unencrypted Communications
4.6. Webmail Clients and Courier IMAP Performance
5. Accessing Your IMAP Account From Your Mail Client
6. Known Issues
6.1. Issues with Exim4
6.2. Issues with Courier IMAP
7. Links and Resources